Who We Are

Wildcat Formula Racing is a student driven club that designs, builds and competes with a formula style race car. Each year the club improves on past designs based on testing and data collected from the previous car. Half of our school year is spent designing our car, while the other half is spent testing and machining our vehicle for competition. For years our club has competed in Formula SAE Collegiate Design Series working our way up the rankings. No experience necessary to join.


The most central part of FSAE is design and research, as design takes up a large plurality of our competition points. Using industry such as Solidworks and STAR-ccm, we spend countless hours designing, simulating and refining every part of our car. From our aero-package to our steering wheels, every part of our car is made with the smallest details in mind to get the best performance.


With the help of our great suppliers and manufacturers we are able to manufacture our cars. Our student-lead and run frame team and manufacturing team work countless sweaty hours in our shop to put together our final product.


Once our car is complete it’s time to compete! But first our cars go through an intensive testing and validation program that make sure that our designs and parts perform as intended to make sure we are as successful as possible at competition.

  • Academic Year Start

    New Member Recruitment

    New Member Training/Orientation

    Solidworks CAD Training

    Design work start

  • Winter Break

    Design Freeze

    Manufacturing and Fabrication Planning

  • Spring Semester

    Validation Simulations

    Design Event Preparations

    Manufacturing Continues

  • Car Assembly

  • Spring Testing

  • FSAE Michigan Competition

  • Competition Debriefing

  • New-season roadmapping

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